I'm David Savage, professional survivalist.

Meet David

If the Covid 19 lockdown proved anything, it is the fact that our lives, as we know them, can change in a second. 

Wars, Violence, Epidemics, and Natural disasters like earthquakes and floods are a fact of life. When they happen, the meltdown and chaos that ensues are often worse than imagined. For people who depend on municipal services for food, electricity, and water, life can take a pretty nasty turn when these services get disrupted.

That is exactly why David Savage has been championing solutions for the most common questions people have about off-grid life.

David was a regular city guy for the first half of his life but inspired by the horrors of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, he decided to plan ahead and build a sanctuary for his family. Initially, he struggled with even light tasks like minor repairs and planting his food. But he found solutions for every challenge and has lived off-grid since then.

His work as an author is built on his personal experience, research, and solutions his fellow green thumbs have utilized to great effect. He believes that everyone should learn to defend their family from external threats and have contingency plans. He says, “it is better to be over-prepared than to be sorry.”

To help people stay off-grid, he has written extensively about effective tips for hunting, homesteading and gardening, detoxification of water, options and coping mechanisms for electric power disruption, light carpentry, and self-defense.

David currently lives on his ranch (his second) in Texas with his wife, three children, and a stable of horses. 

David says the most wonderful thing about living off-grid is that it makes you feel that your life and destiny are in your own hands! You can take total control of your life, too!

With training tools and personal examples from David, you will learn:  

  • Essential survival skills for making it on your own when the unexpected happens;
  • How to make your homestead/garden more effective in growing your own foods;
  • How to survive off the grid, including dealing with a lack of electric power supply;
  • What to do in the event of natural disasters to keep you and your loved ones safe;
  • How to train your family and loved ones to work as an survival unit in extreme circumstances;
  • How to build a temporary emergency shelter from easily accessible materials;
  • And much more!